Service: Homestead Care

I have a lot of animals, most of them chickens. I have a decent sized garden, veggies and flowers. I consider myself a homesteader! I consider anyone trying to grow food and/or raise animals a homesteader! I believe we deserve a stress free vacation from our lifestyle. That is what I hope to offer, a stress free vacation for you because we deserve that.

So, here I am, offering care for gardeners of veggies, flowers, succulents, whatever you grow! I offer care for animals, feathered or not! I will come water, weed, feed, and snuggle whatever it is you need done. I am not a dog walker. I do have a couple friends who are and who would be happy to help with that if you need.

What’s the cost? Well, that will vary because each homestead has different needs. I will come over for a free initial evaluation where you show me what you need tended to then I will draft up an estimate. Simply fill out the contact form below and I will contact you to set a date for your evaluation.