Service: Garden & Landscape Care

I am very specific in how I tend to the Earth and I hope it shows in my gardens and landscaping. For our personal property, I use what resources we have which means I mulch with pine needles. I feed the soil with compost derived from grass clippings, leaf mulch, and chicken droppings. They all decompose quick with help from the chickensĀ  allowing me to add nutrients back to the soil.

I do not use gas powered equipment. I might use a battery powered weed whacker or mower. Most of the time I use handheld tools. Working without gas powered gadgets is best for our local environment; less air & noise pollution. Plus I get to move my body and work my muscles!

What’s involved in garden and/or landscape care?

Garden & Landscape Care includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Fall and Spring Weeding
  • Spring Mulching
  • Create/Harvest Veggie Garden
  • Fall and/or Spring seedling planting
  • Light Pruning – Late Fall, Winter, Early Spring
  • Create/Maintain Butterfly Garden
  • Hard Edging Beds
  • Fall Planting – New Plants or Moving Plant Locations
  • Fall Leave “Control”

What’s the cost? Initial consult is my pleasure. After establishing your needs, I will charge by the hour, $30 for garden & landscaping services. Simply fill out the contact form below and I will contact you to set a date for your evaluation.