The Story Is Always Changing

Hi, my name is Corrie and I am Mamma’s In The Garden, AKA The Soap Lady, welcome to my slacker blog. My interests are garden to table, locavore, pasture raised meats, backyard chickens, conflict palm oil free body care, essential oils, botanicals, and earth worship. I’m a stay at home Mamma to one amazing baby girl (not a baby, she’s 9). She and my hobbies keep me happily occupied!

In early 2011, while at the Philadelphia Zoo with Genesee, I learned how palm oil plantations cause quick & vast loss of habitat. Loss of habitat means loss of many species, orangutan, rhino, elephants, and sadly, the list goes on. I tried shopping for palm oil free soaps at local health foods stores and could not find any. All the soaps stating vegan, natural, blah blah blah (green-washing keep your eyes open for those lies, be sure to read ingredient labels) still had palm oil as a main ingredient. It’s a cheap, short sighted, ingredient that is totally unnecessary in soap making. I avoid it in my personal and business life.

So I started  making soaps for my family. Eventually friends became interested, then friends of friends and there you go, a small, woman ran business was born. It continues to evolve, constantly changing because I am constantly learning! My bath & body operation is ran from our cozy 1930’s Pennsylvania bungalow. In my vintage kitchen, I make small batches of cold or hot process, conflict palm oil free soaps, lotions, potions, salves, & balms.

Cold & hot process soaping is a science but I enjoy and prefer to focus on the artsy side of soap making. By adding 100% natural ingredients such as botanicals, spices, herbs, & flowers from my organically grown garden, I add visual interest, exfoliation, and/or color to the soaps. To scent the soaps naturally I use essential oils, no synthetic fragrance oils. The base oils I use for soaps  are local PA tallow, organic coconut, organic babassu, organic castor, organic canola, which means my soaps are almost 100% organic! When I use an animal product it is always sourced locally from a small, family ran, humane farm.

My mission, every day, is to wisely use the goodness Mother Earth offers. She is giving. She is awesome. She is life. Every day I worship and tend to her lovingly by composting, gardening heirlooms organically, raising backyard chickens for: compost, soil aeration, their glorious nitrogen rich poop, and pest control (buh-bye ticks!). I am crazy about reducing, reusing, re-purposing before recycling my waste (have you read about how inefficient recycling programs are?).

In my business, I make every effort to purchase raw materials that are responsibly sourced, fair trade, wild-crafted, or organic, to help improve other sacred being’s lives. People who harvest the raw materials deserve fair wages and a healthy environment as do the animals who depend on quality forests, water, and air. Love to all beings!

“Study Nature. Love nature. Stay Close To Nature. It Will Never Fail You”. ~ Frank Lloyd Wright
Love & respect to all beings!

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