CBD, What I’ve learned

Cannabinoids, AKA CBD, let me introduce you to a pain management option. I am surprised, I still get a lot of questions and blank stares when I mention CBD. Does it work for pain? What is it? Will I get high? If you have not heard about CBD (cannabidiol) or are unfamiliar with this ingredient, you are not alone. This is what I have learned so far. I was a skeptic at first. Now, I believe! Let’s get to know cannabis!!!

“CBD, I put that shit in everything” Not really, keep reading and you’ll learn why 😉

CBD, does it work for pain? YES!!!! How? The Human Endocannabinoid System and it’s amazing CB1 abd CB2 receptors. Now, I am not expert and I could ramble on here, but, I don’t want to. If you would like to understand these receptors and their love affair with CBD then please follow this link.

CBD, what is it? CBD can be derived from the hemp plant or cannabis/marijuana plant; I once thought they are one and the same, they are not. If CBD is derived from hemp, there is marginal THC because hemp is grown for seeds and fiber and under federal law (if it pleases the crown) must contain less than .35% THC. If derived from cannabis, there needs to be a process to remove the THC. Either way, you will not get any psychoactive sensations but you will find relief from pain and inflammation.

CBD, will I get high? First, there are three phrases to look out for when considering CBD, broad spectrum, full spectrum, and isolate. Full spectrum has a tiny bit-o-THC in it, typically less than .3% and is full of its original terpenes and various other cannabinoids. I prefer full spectrum. I feel it is whole medicine, less processed and disrupted. I feel it is a better medicine and is all I carry. Broad spectrum is more processed to remove all the THC and contains most its terpenes and cannabinoids. Isolates are what they sound like, isolated, highly processed, pure CBD. Now, will you get high, no you will not.

Why don’t I put CBD in everything if it is soooooo wonderful!!??!! Well, 20 minutes. CBD should stay in contact with your skin/body for 20 minutes to be effective. So I could put CBD in everything then market the crap outta it and rake in some cash but that is not my style. Tricking people into wasting their money on soap with CBD is wrong to me. So there, if you are going to use CBD it must stay in contact with you for 20 minutes. That is why I put it in lotions, salves/balms, and tinctures.

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