The Chosen Ones ~ Soaping Oils & Butters

“Your body is precious. It is our vehicle for awakening. Treat it with care” ~Buddha

Ingredients matter. I read the ingredient label every time for every purchase. That’s right, I am that lady. Listen, I do not trust the FDA or corporations to take care of me or our planet. I don’t wear a tinfoil hat but I do believe government does not care about me, not one bit. It’s my job, my responsibility to be in control of my health & well being and I accomplish that by reading ingredient labels. By reading the label I also take care of Mother Earth. I need her as does my daughter and so will our children & grandchildren.

It should be no surprise that I take my bath & body care ingredients seriously. I don’t whip up sub par ingredients and green-wash to sell. I mindfully choose ingredients that I researched and feel create a great product with low impact to our environment. My recipes contain a core 5 oils:

  1. Local PA tallow from small family farms ~ follow link to learn why
  2. Organic Coconut Oil
  3. Babassu Oil (organic when I can find it)
  4. Organic Castor
  5. Organic Canola grown in the USA

My core 5 produce hard, long lasting bars of soap, great lather, and non-drying to your skin. One oil you will never find in my soap is palm oil (known by many names, oh the trickery!). It is so cheap. It’s destroying the environmental and slaughtering many glorious beings (orangutans, tigers, elephants, birds) for palm oil plantations. This does not jive with my ethics and morals. If you care to learn more about the atrocities of palm oil plantations feel free to check out this site. Some people support “round table sustainable palm oil” it is unacceptable to me. I don’t trust the sustainable labels. Just another opportunity for politicians and CEOs to lie and green-wash.

Core 5:

Local PA Small Family Farm Grass Fed Tallow is the bulk of my soap recipe. It’s what Grandma used and it is what I prefer. Tallow makes a creamy, gentle bar of soap for all skin types. Tallow is almost considered a byproduct of meat. I believe using the entire animal, do not waste one bit. It’s local, it is natural and I love it.

Organic Coconut Oil is the second most used for my soap recipes but I would like to phase it out in favor of Babassu oil. Coconut oil creates a hard soap with higher cleansing value and fluffy lather but, too much coconut and you may end up with a harsh, skin drying bar of soap. Coconut must be balance with other oils or super-fatted like crazy.

Babassu Oil is a conflict free palm oil. The tree is native to Brazil and the forests do not need to be clear cut for production of this palm oil. Babassu soap qualities are very similar to coconut oil. Its price tag is not. I love the stuff but use it sparingly.

Organic Castor Oil is the queen of lather, big, fluffy, stable bubbles is what castor brings to the table.

Organic Canola Oil grown right here in the USA. I wish I could source a USA grown Castor, no such luck yet. If my distributor is out of Organic Canola I replace with Organic Olive Oil.

Sometimes I will use Neem Oil for a hair and scalp bar or a bug be gone soap.

And there you have it. My oils.

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