The Chosen Ones ~ Soaping Oils & Butters

“Your body is precious. It is our vehicle for awakening. Treat it with care” ~Buddha

Ingredients matter. Ingredients are absorbed by your skin or are ingested; they are to be taken seriously! Ingredients also impact our environment, some more than others and deserve global attention. Palm oil is a perfect example. It is cheap, in everything, used as a bio-fuel, and has destroyed 27 million hectares of beautiful lands in SE Asia, Latin America, and Africa. Land is stripped and burned of bio-diverse forests to make room for sterile palm plantations.  Indigenous peoples, orangutans, Borneo elephants, and Sumatran Tigers have all suffered greatly for a cheap ingredient.

So, that is why I read the ingredient label for every purchase. That’s right, I am that lady. Listen, I do not trust the FDA or CEOs to care of me or our environment. I don’t wear a tinfoil hat but I do believe government does not care about me, not one bit. It’s my job, my responsibility to be in control of my health & well being and I accomplish that by reading ingredient labels. By knowing and understanding ingredients, I can take better care of Mother Earth. I need her as does my daughter and future generations.

With that being said it should be no surprise that I take my bath & body care ingredients just as seriously. I won’t whip up sub par ingredients and green-wash products to sell. I mindfully choose ingredients that I researched and feel create a great product with less of an environmental impact. My recipes contain a thoughtful blend of the following oils:

  1. Local PA tallow from small family farms ~ follow link to learn why. It’s local, natural and I love it! It’s what Grandma used and it is what I prefer. Tallow makes a creamy, gentle bar of soap for all skin types.
  2. Babassu Oil – Brazil sourced – a conflict free palm oil. The tree is native to Brazil. Babassu creates a hard bar with high cleansing and hardness values.
  3. Castor – Organic when possible – India sourced – The queen of lather, big, fluffy, stable bubbles is what castor brings to the table. Castor is produced in India, which is far, but a soap without castor is like a day without sunshine
  4. Canola – Organic when possible – USA or Canada – Grown right here in the USA or just across the border in Canada. If my distributor is out of Canola I replace with Organic Olive Oil.
  5. Moringa Butter which is non GMO Soy Butter infused with Moringa. It’s origin is Canada.

My core oils are thoughtfully blended to produce hard, long lasting bars of soap with great lather and non-drying. Sometimes I add luxurious butters to the soaps. Right now I am adding a blend  of non GMO Soy Butter (Canada) with Moringa Oil. Scrumptiously silky and smooth!

Again, I will not use palm oil, you will never find it in my body care line. You’ll find some soap makers use it because it is so cheap and creates a hard bar. But it’s mass production is quickly destroying the environment of Borneo and Sumatra and displacing and slaughtering many glorious beings (orangutans, tigers, elephants, birds) for palm oil plantations. This does not jive with my ethics and morals. If you care to learn more about the atrocities of palm oil plantations feel free to check out this site. Some people support RTSPO “round table sustainable palm oil”. For me, it is unacceptable. I do not trust the sustainable labels. Just another opportunity for politicians and CEOs to lie and green-wash.

And there you have it. My preferred oils.

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